USB Audio Recorder PRO


High quality audio recording on Android

If you feel like the quality of recording through your Android device's mic or headset is not sufficient, USB Audio Recorder PRO lets you connect almost any class-compliant USB audio interface or USB mic by means making high quality recordings possible! By bypassing Android completely, our USB audio driver lets you record in any resolution and sample rate that the USB audio interface offers. For example, you can record from a Steinberg UR-22 in 24-bit at 192kHz! And of course enjoy the connectivity of such devices, such as connecting XLR mics or guitar jacks. Furthermore, recording is not restricted to mono or stereo, as the image shows, doing an 18-channel recording on your Android device suddenly becomes a possibility! (*)
For a list of supported devices and a troubleshooting guide, please see here

Finally, input gain control!

So many things you take for granted on a desktop computer are missing from standard Android audio! Take for instance input gain control which is totally absent on Android. But when using USB Audio Recorder PRO, you can finally use all input gain, output volume and mute controls that are present on your interface. Most USB audio interfaces that do not feature physical controls for these settings have internal controls which are exposed in the app's Mixer section.

What about Android 5?

Since Android 5, Android comes with its own USB audio driver. This does not function correctly though with a lot of USB audio interfaces and if it works, it is still limited to 16-bit and a fixed sample rate of 44.1 or 48 kHz stereo. Besides that, it does not allow to change input gain or any other control, so our driver is still much needed!

I want editing and more!

We have a full featured DAW app called Audio Evolution Mobile which can also use USB audio interfaces. And if you are short on cash, you can buy these apps on the growth: if you purchase USB Audio Recorder PRO first, you do not need to do the USB audio in-app purchase anymore in Audio Evolution Mobile.
(*) performance depends on your specific Android model.

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